We empower workers. If your child aged 14 to 21 has an IEP or a 504, and is enrolled in school, we help them acquire the skills they need to find, gain, and keep a job. Creative Action provides on-the-job training (OJT), work-based learning experience (WBLE), pre-placement training (PPT), self-advocacy training, employability skills training, and placement services. Our camps are designed to deliver impactful, interactive, and effective sessions designed to get our clients ready to get to work. Creative Action’s job placement team is well-versed in facilitation, and well-connected in the community, making the transition to gainful employment as smooth as possible.


There is no greater teacher than first-hand experience, and no better way to learn than by doing. Those are the concepts behind Work-Based Learning Experience or WBLE. Traditionally, this method is an educational approach that utilizes the workplace to provide employees with the knowledge and skill set that will facilitate success in the job market. We work with more than 100 local area businesses to provide WBLE, and the best part about this service is that the employee is paid to learn on the job. WBLE is available to our clients aged 14 to 21.


On the Job Training (OJT) is an excellent opportunity for both employers and students. This specialized training helps the student improve their self-esteem and develop their social skills. OJT is a proven service that allows kids to better their employment opportunities for the future. During OJT, clients will interact on a regular basis with other employees, hold a regular position, and be paid no less than $12.00 an hour by Creative Action, Inc. OJT helps individuals get used to the employment environment while also gaining valuable work experience.

PPT (Pre-Placement Training)

Pre-Placement Training (PPT) helps young people become job-ready by providing intensive pre-employment training. PPT gives young people the opportunity to enhance their work readiness through different blocks of targeted training. This type of training will focus on resume building, cover letter-building, job application training, and a targeted mock interview preparation.


Traditional job placement is all about matching the unique skills present in each employee with the ideal job opening. Our professionals are highly skilled at assessing the individual, his or her strengths and weaknesses, and matching them with the needs of the employer. More than 100 area employers count on us to provide qualified and job-ready candidates, and many earn federal tax credits for those who permanently hire individuals with disabilities. The benefit to all parties is tangible: parents in knowing their children are gaining crucial survival skills, employees gaining real-world experience, and employers a reduction in hiring and payroll costs.

Supported Employment

Supported Employment is a unique employment service available to individuals who have the most significant disabilities and require ongoing support services to succeed in a competitive employment environment. VR funds Supported Employment in a variety of business environments for anyone requiring intensive employment support, including initial placement and stabilization in the workplace. Supported Employment offers continuing assistance from an employment specialist to maintain long-term employment for individuals who have previously been unable to succeed in traditional employment.

Self-Advocacy Training

Self-Advocacy is all about learning how to speak up for oneself, making their own decisions about their own lives, and learning how to get information so that clients understand things that are of interest to them. Learning about Self-Advocacy will help clients find out who will support them on their journey. It will give then a better understanding of their rights and responsibilities. Clients will become more proficient in problem-solving, listening and learning, reaching out to others when they need help and friendship, and learning about self-determination.

Why is Self-Advocacy Important?

Because having the knowledge needed to succeed and excel in life will help further propel individuals in the right direction. At Creative Action, we want our clients to have the chance to participate in decisions that are being made about their lives.


“Creative Action Services really helped me out a lot with both of my sons. They have achieved a high level of confidence from going through their program. One of my sons is now in college to become a firefighter and works at a hospital. My other son has a full time job as a security guard. Creative Action was there for us 100% for anything we needed. They even still follow up with me to check in on my boys even though they are out of their program. What a great experience!”

DESI SLATER – Consumer’s Parent