Creative Action is a state funded Non-profit agency that works with multiple employers/worksites in providing different volunteer and/or gainful employment opportunities in the community. Creative Action has partnered up with many employers located all through Miami Dade, Broward, Fort Lauderdale, and Marathon areas. Such as Doggie Daycares, Veterinary Office, Farm animal Caretakers, Gym facilities, Administrative Offices, Daycares, Retail, Restaurants, Real estate, Graphic Design, Bakeries, Salon/Barber Shops and many more.

As an employer who hires and/or hosts our participants at your establishment, your willingness to give your time and service is greatly appreciated. Your support of Creative Action allows us to continue to fulfill our mission and serve our purpose in our community each year.

Why should you use Creative Action for volunteering/ On the Job training opportunities in your business?

 On the Job Training and Work Based Learning Experience come at no financial cost to your company. This is an experiential learning opportunity for both adults or students with a special need currently transitioning out of high school or in college, and it allows them to develop the skills and gain necessary work experience.

Creative Action Inc. will serve as the employer of record and will directly pay individual’s starting at $12.00 an hour for up to 20-25 hours weekly. The State Department of Vocational Rehabilitation program is 100 percent reliable for All on the job training participants, workers comp claims. The participants will receive the workers comp documentation attached (Reporting an on-the-job injury or illness, Workers Comp Wallet card, and Department of Education Division of Vocational Rehabilitation workers Compensation Liaisons) before their actual start date. Prior to having the participants begin at your establishment, all the documentation will be signed and completed by all parties involved.

Creative Action Inc. at your request will also be able to add your establishment as a certificate holder for Labiality Insurance in which you will receive a copy. Liability insurance (also called third-party insurance) is a part of the general insurance from the risks of liabilities imposed by lawsuits and similar claims.

Workers’ Compensation is covered for Work Experiences and On-the-job Training; The 2018 legislature enacted laws for VR participants in a work-experience setting to be covered under workers’ compensation. Sections 413.015 and 413.209, Florida Statutes (F.S., allows participants in an adult or youth work-experience activity under The Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) be deemed as employees of the state for the purpose of workers’ compensation (WC) coverage.

Creative Action team of professional’s areas of expertise consist of creating the appropriate match based on Employer requirements, needs and consumers preferences and abilities

  • A Creative Action Employment Specialist meets with prospective employer/worksite to adhere to employer needs to ensure company productivity is met by allowing individual to gain experience.
  • A Creative Action Employment Specialist meets with the individuals one-on-one to develop a customized plan based on their preferences and abilities.
  • The work schedule is based upon child labor laws for the youth, employer needs, and the participants needs.
  • The Employment Specialist accompanies the students/Adults during initial training meeting, meeting and during the duration of the experience to provide on a as needed basis assistance to the individual and/or employer.
  • Each experience averages up to 6 weeks based upon employer and participants’ needs.

Upon the completion of the experience Employers are not required to hire the participant, however, if an employer decides to hire an individual, Creative Action will provide a job coach, assist with uniform or clothing, transportation assistance, and may extend the on the job training paid by Creative Action for up to an extended period of a time at no cost to employer with the required approved documentation.

Why should you use Creative Action for employment opportunities in your business? 

If you are looking to diversify your staff, increase productivity, minimize your screening, hiring process and training time, you’re in the right path. When a business hires a participant through Creative Action they are not only gaining an employee but also the full support of an experienced staff of professionals. Creative Action provides ongoing support facilitated by a job coach experienced in the scope work directly to the participant’s job duties.  

A Job coach supports the employee in learning on the job and navigating the social aspects of the workplace. The aim of job coaching is to support the employee to be effective and independent in their role. Typically, job coaching support decreases over time as the employee learns the job. Depending on the participants needs, the job coaching services provided by Creative Action are extended for up to 6 months to ensure a high rate of job retention.

  • Training and staff support from the Job Coach will dovetail with the style of the company. 
  • The job coach will ensure this continues until the new employee is completely up to speed. 
  • Job Coaches can assist with the identification of other accommodation for the company and be a resource for their diversity efforts. 
  • Job Coaches can assist the employer with possible tax credits such as the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) and the Disabled Access Tax Credit for small businesses.

We appreciate the opportunity as well as your efforts to assist with our mission and purpose. Participants will provide their own transportation and will adhere to the schedule provided. Creative Action will assist individuals on a as needed basis with transportation assistance, employer dress code requirements, safety gear enforced by the employers, tools or equipment required to perform job and accommodation equipment if required to ensure participants can gain the motivation and knowledge to unleash their full potential in the workforce. Our goal is to provide individuals with valuable work experience to help tackle the workforce head-on.  

We look forward to working together with your establishment. 

If your business would like to participate as a Business Partner please use the contact us page or give us a call.

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