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Creative Action job placement services is all about matching the unique skills present in each employee with the ideal job opening. Creative Action staff of professionals are highly skilled at assessing the individual, his or her strengths and weaknesses, and matching them with the needs of the employer. More than 100 area employers count on us to provide qualified and job-ready candidates, and many earn federal tax credits for those who permanently hire individuals with disabilities. The benefit to all parties is tangible: parents in knowing their children are gaining crucial survival skills, employees gaining real-world experience, and employers a reduction in hiring and payroll costs.

The fact is NOBODY gets you a job except you. In a job interview, bring your personal best. Be positive about your abilities and enthusiastic about the opportunities. 

Supported Employment (SE)
Creative Action Supported Employment Services are services provided to individuals with the most significant disabilities and are designed to assist the individual in securing and maintaining integrated, competitive employment. The quickest road out of significant disability is to experience support from family, friends, and competent professionals who know how to interact with people in a dignified and non-patronizing way. 

Creative Action Support Coordinator, Employment specialist, and/or Job coach will come up with Flexible strategies may include customizing a job description, developing a set of job duties, work schedule and other negotiated items.  including a youth with a most significant disability, is working on a short-term basis toward competitive integrated employment that is individualized, and customized, consistent with the unique strengths, abilities, interests, and informed choice of the individual, including with ongoing support services for individuals with the most significant disabilities – 
Creative Action will provide ongoing support services needed to support and maintain the individual in SE. 

Job Coaching
In addition to regular placement and Support Employment services, Creative Action offers a Job Coaching specialist responsibility is to help an individual identify his/her most effective learning style.   

After consumer is placed, Creative Action Employment Specialists and Job Coaches team up to offer them the required level of support. The Creative Action team will maintain consistent communication with both the customer and the supervisor to track progress and address challenges.  

Virtual Career Fairs 
VR partners with virtual career fairs to provide opportunities for VR customers to meet employers, submit resumes, fill out job applications, and ask questions about the job and the company. 

Employ Florida
Links all Florida’s state and local workforces services and resources through partnership with DEO, CareerSource.

There are 24 local workforce development areas and about 100 career centers located statewide offering personalized assistance to job seekers and businesses.

Call 800-438-4128 and online at Employ Florida.  

State of Florida Jobs

  • Administrative and Office Support
  • Business and Financial
  • Operations
  • Community and Social Services
  • Education Facility, Construction and Maintenance
  • Health Care
  • Legal
  • Public Safety
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics


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