Most companies today have a commitment to give back to the community. When their values align with ours, it can be a match made in heaven.


ALL parents want to see their children not just succeed, but thrive and become self-reliant…especially for those who have children with learning disabilities.

Creative Action Inc. is a non for profit collaborative vocational and career counseling/placement agency. We specialize and cater to those who have been assessed to have physical or mental barriers that need assistance in beginning or re-entering the workforce. We offer a range of services and opportunities for our clients to learn about jobs and gain experience working.


Where there’s a will, there’s a job. At Creative Action, we offer clients an environment to grow and excel. We help program participants learn how to write a resume, build interviewing skills, and job search techniques, and finally, help with job placement. Our long-term goals include to build self-confidence, motivation, and provide valuable work experience to help tackle the workforce head on.

success story3


“Creative Action Services really helped me out a lot with both of my sons. They have achieved a high level of confidence from going through their program. One of my sons is now in college to become a firefighter and works at a hospital. My other son has a full time job as a security guard. Creative Action was there for us 100% for anything we needed. They even still follow up with me to check in on my boys even though they are out of their program. What a great experience!”

DESI SLATER – Consumer’s Parent


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