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At Creative Action Services, we are committed to fostering inclusive workforces for individuals with disabilities and other marginalized populations. Our primary objective is to advance equal opportunities in the workplace through advocacy, empowerment, and education.

We believe that everyone deserves to have the opportunity to succeed and contribute to their fullest potential, regardless of their background or abilities. We work with businesses to identify areas where they can improve their inclusivity and accessibility, and provide training and support to help them achieve their goals.

Our team is composed of experts in disability and diversity issues, who are passionate about creating a more equitable society. We provide a range of services, including disability awareness training, accessibility audits, and policy development, all aimed at fostering a more inclusive and welcoming workplace culture.

Guest Speakers
Over the years we have heard many inspirational stories about individuals with special needs who have focused on their abilities and have accomplished some pretty amazing things in their lives. If you or someone you would like to refer would like to participate virtually at your convenience during camp sessions to share your success story and help motivate others to look past their challenges and focus on the talents and abilities that they have. Contact our office today. A Creative Action professional staff member will contact you with further information.

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