Career Camps

Through the Career Camp program, Creative Action creates unique camp experiences to deliver Pre employment services when school is out for at least three (3) consecutive scheduled school days, as indicated by the school board published schedule, such as during Spring, Summer, and Winter breaks.

The services provided include Work Readiness Training, Self-Advocacy, Work Based Learning, Postsecondary Educational Counseling and Job Exploration Counseling. The Career camp’s are designed to teach students how to get, keep and do an array of jobs, from hosting, waitressing, serving, and cooking in the hospitality industry, to stocking, bagging, and cashiering in the retail business, and more.

Creative Action career camps feature guest speakers, stress independence and the importance of self-reliance. Participants will receive a cover letter, resume and certificate of completion.  

Students receive an incentive check upon completion of the camp based on students’ performance, attendance, and length of camp session of up to $600.00 per session. Stipends are paid within one week of completion.

Creative Action Career Camps incorporate the training topics described below. Camp sessions are held virtually and in-person! Students will participate in a work-based learning experience and work readiness training. Program may be conducted in either 20 or 50 hour sessions. All students will be compensated upon completion of the camp session. 

Schedule for session hours are:

  • SUMMER BREAK- up to 50 hours
  • Youth Summer Career Camp: June-August
  • Students are allowed to participate in up to three different sessions during summer break.

  • Winter Break – up to 50 hours 
  • Youth Winter Career Camp: December 17, 2023 – December 29, 2023 

  • Spring Break– up to 20 hours
  • Youth Spring Career Camp: March 23, 2023-March 27, 2023 

Top impactful benefits to attend Career Camp:

  • Enable students to begin identifying areas
    of career interest
  • Enhance confidence
  • Social/interpersonal skills
  • New Perspective
  • Exposure to potential careers and jobs
  • Help students make the connection between the classroom and the workplace
  • Communication skills
  • Provides a context for learning and fosters an understanding of how academic concepts are applied in a real-world setting.

To find out more about the camp experience, and when the next sessions commence, please contact one of our offices today.

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