Regarding our Services:
OJT, WBLE, PPT, Self-Advocacy, or Career Camp.

Please download the completed VR referral Application. You will need to complete the referral form to its entirety and submit it along with your child’s current IEP, 504 Plan or other school documentation stating the student is currently being served as a student with a disability.

VR Star Referral Form Instructions:

  • Student Information-Parent/Guardian Information.
  • Person Making Referral: Person completing form.
  • Accommodations for Initial Meeting with VR Staff: This pertains to any student who would need accommodations for the initial meeting to be qualified for DVR Services.
  • Pre-Employment Transition Services Requested: You can check off all the services in order to have the student be eligible to receive all services provided by the program.
  • Permission to Make Referral: Place Creative Action Inc name on referral to allow us to forward the referral to the DVR office to have the student qualified for DVR services.
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