What is Creative Action, Inc?

Creative Action, Inc. is a not-for-profit collaborative vocational and career counseling / placement agency. We specialize and cater to those who have been assessed to have physical or mental barriers and who need assistance in entering or re-entering the workforce. We offer a range of services and opportunities for our clients to learn about jobs and gain experience working.

Under this program, we offer youth services and assist students with an opportunity to participate in work readiness training. These services are delivered while the youth are still in high school, technical school, college, or university. We also provide services to adults. Creative Action helps establish the foundation for a seamless transition to independence and long-term employment.

Our Mission

Creative Action offers continuing assistance to clients so that they can learn how to maintain long term employment. We want our clients to gain the motivation and knowledge to unleash their full potential in the workforce. Our goal is to provide them with valuable work experience to help them tackle the workforce head-on.

Our mission is to help individuals to become independent, self-sufficient, and remain gainfully employed; to provide youth with the tools necessary at an early age and equip them to become confident adults. Our goal is to become the place where individuals can confidently gain the skills necessary for employment.

As a vocational rehab vendor, Creative Action strives to become a top resource for local employers to acquire motivated and reliable employees.

meet our team

Here at Creative Action, our diverse team of professionals consists of former educators, counselors, vocational specialists, mental health service providers, and small business owners. Working with the special needs community and the disabled is not foreign to us. Our staff has experience in teaching, life coaching, counseling, vocational training, and more. We are always looking for individuals who are enthusiastic about working with this community. If you are interested in joining our team, email your resume here info@creativeaction.com.


Anywhere from 4-6 weeks depending on consumer and employer.

The consumer will be paid $12 an hour for their participation.

All worksites are discussed with consumer, but consumer must approve any worksite and agree to job responsibilities before agreement is signed.

We do not provide transportation to worksites, but at times may provide a bus card If consumer has no available way to get to job.

At this moment Creative Action works with more than 100 different locations in Miami-Dade and Broward counties combined.


“Creative Action Services really helped me out a lot with both of my sons. They have achieved a high level of confidence from going through their program. One of my sons is now in college to become a firefighter and works at a hospital. My other son has a full time job as a security guard. Creative Action was there for us 100% for anything we needed. They even still follow up with me to check in on my boys even though they are out of their program. What a great experience!”

DESI SLATER – Consumer’s Parent